Help us reduce our waste footprint!

The Night Noodle Markets Wellington is a large scale event, with last year attracting over 100,000 people. With such a massive amount of people, it is important to consider ways to minimise our waste footprint. Our team is dedicated to sustainably responsible events. We do this by reducing landfill waste, being as environmentally friendly and this year we have taken it one step further by  introducing Globelet Cups.

Globelet are reusable cups designed to eliminate disposable and compostable cups. You can purchase a cup at the start of the event from our info tent for $3 and reuse during the event even if you come back multiple times. If you return the cup, you will get your $1 deposit back. So for just $2 you get your own cup, you help the environment and 100% of profit from your Globelet goes back to innovation to end single use waste.

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How does it work?

  1. Purchase your reusable Globelet for $3

  2. Reuse it, or swap it for a new one

  3. Return the Globelet for $1 or keep it as a souvenir

Where do I buy my reusable Globelet cup? The Night Noodle Markets Information tent

Do I have to buy a reusable cup to purchase an alcoholic drink?  Yes

How much does it cost? $3 but you can get a partial refund of $1 when you return the cup

Where do I get my partial refund? You will receive your partial $1 refund at the information tent at Night Noodle Markets.

Why do I need need to purchase a Globelet reusable cup? To help us reduce waste at our environmentally friendly event. 

Can I bring my own cup? No

How do we clean them? Throughout the event we have wash and rinsing stations all over the park