Where to get your noodle fix this Summer

Summer = holidays, so what better way to treat yo’self than to hunt down your favourite food? That’s right noodlers, we have dug up some of the best locations in NZ to find your scrumptious stringy treats - from food trucks to cosy wee noodle houses, there’s no doubt you’ll know EXACTLY where to go for your noodle fix this Summer.

Ramen Takara (Auckland)
Named, “the real deal”, Ramen Takara can be found in two Auckland locations and even have their own food truck! If you want a taste of authentic cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients, then prepare your tastebuds. They have impressive crowds, generous portions and (most importantly) DELICIOUS NOODLES.

Mao and Co Food Truck (Wellington)
If you are lucky enough to spot the wee white truck in Welly, Mao and Co is the place to go. The handmade noodles (and dumplings!) are inspired by the street food you would find in Asia. This food truck is edgy, imaginative, and definitely worth tracking down on Twitter if you’re after a quick bite.

Samurai Bowl (Christchurch)
If you want ramen, and you want it now, find one of Samurai bowl’s 2 locations in Christchurch - they offer speedy service and casual dining (so no need to pack a tie). Many locals will tell you it’s “the best ramen in town”, but you can decide for yourself when you witness the crowds at night.

The Ramen Shop (Wellington)
Homemade noodles, I repeat HOMEMADE NOODLES! The Ramen Shop in Wellington is your go-to for traditional Japanese ramen. They started off as a pop-up shop in 2013 and were too good to lose. They are now home to scrumptious, affordable noodles - all made from scratch in Wellington.

ZOOLZOOL (Auckland)
With award-winning Japanese chefs, there’s no doubt that Mt Eden’s ZOOLZOOL is the ideal place for delicious and quality ramen. Visiting this cosy hot-spot is like taking a step into Japan, with a dreamy menu packed with tapas, dessert and whisky. Oh and only check out their insta if you’re prepared for instant noodle cravings...

The Night Noodle Markets (of course)
Of course, our markets are too good to not add to the list, especially because we’re back this Summer! With 3 great locations throughout NZ (Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington), prepare to be transformed to the streets of Asia. Indulge in steaming hot bowls of noodles, snap a selfie under the colourful lanterns, and enjoy the authentic Asian entertainment. BUT REMEMBER, we’re only around for a limited time so make the most of it while you can.