What is the Night Noodle Markets? 

The Night Noodle Markets is a popular outdoor hawker-style food event celebrating the diverse flavours of Asia. There is always a great range of local vendors serving up delicious dishes, complemented by exciting themed entertainment makes. Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown and Auckland have hosted the Night Noodle Markets in the past, with tens of thousands of people flowing through each time.

What does it cost to enter? There is no fee to enter the markets. This is a FREE community event.

Is there a map that shows where all the stalls are located and which restaurants are there? YES - this will be circulated the week of the event so you can prepare. There are also maps and menus available at the event. 

How should I get to the event? Visitors are encouraged to consider the environment and congestion when planning their trip to the markets. Consider taking public transport as parking is limited. 

What if I need medical help? There is a First Aid Tent at the event.

Will there be live entertainment? There sure will be! Think bold, loud, eye-catching - and stay tuned on Facebook for our official announcements. You won't be bored, trust us.

Do the markets still go ahead if it's raining? The event is expected to go ahead rain, hail or shine. However, in extreme conditions we may have to cancel - a decision will be made an hour prior to opening - if the weather makes it too dangerous for the markets to open, we'll let you know on our Facebook page.

Are children welcome? Yes, the Night Noodle Markets is a family-friendly event. The event is open to guests of all ages. There are also some kid-friendly food options available.

Can we bring our own food and drink? You are welcome to bring food to the event. However as this is a food event, we encourage guests to explore the delicious food available. You are not allowed to BYO alcohol and no glass is permitted on site.

Can I bring alcohol? No - this is a licensed event. All alcohol must be purchased through the event bars. All patrons wishing to purchase alcohol must have valid ID.

Can I smoke at the markets? Smoking is prohibited at all Night Noodle Market locations.  

What if I lose something? Please go to the Information Tent.

How much will the food cost? Food is priced between $5 (for a smaller plate or entrée) and $15 (for a larger size or main meal).

Will there be vegetarian / vegan options available? Yes, there will be a selection of vegetarian and vegan options available. This is shown on each event menu, but we recommend you discuss this with the vendors before purchasing.

Will there be gluten free options? Yes, however we can make no guarantees for coeliacs as some food is prepared off-site.

How can I find out more about the Night Noodle Markets? In the lead-up to and on the days of the event, we'll be updating our Website, Facebook page, our Instagram account and Twitter. If you want to share your experience and see what everyone else is up to please use #NightNoodleMarketsNZ

We constantly update this website and will add menus and maps here too.

Can I bring my dog? Yes! Dogs are welcome (on a leash).

What is Globelet? Globelet are reusable cups designed to eliminate disposable and compostable cups. You can purchase a cup at the start of the event from our info tent for $3 and reuse during the event even if you come back multiple times. If you return the cup, you will get your $1 deposit back.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your reusable Globelet for $3

  2. Reuse it, or swap it for a new one

  3. Return the Globelet for $1 or keep it as a souvenir

Where do I buy my reusable Globelet cup? The Night Noodle Markets Information tent

Do I have to buy a reusable cup to purchase an alcoholic drink? Yes

How much does it cost? $3 but you can get a partial refund of $1 when you return the cup

Where do I get my partial refund? You will receive your partial $1 refund at the information tent at Night Noodle Markets.

Why do I need need to purchase a Globelet reusable cup? To help us reduce waste at our environmentally friendly event. 

Can I bring my own cup? No

How do we clean them? Throughout the event we have wash and rinsing stations all over the park